T1GER: Truck Robbery


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A unique armored truck robbery script that provides another awesome way for criminals to earn some extra cash!


  • Players can start armored truck robbery jobs. 
  • Kill the security detail with the armored truck, blow up the rear doors with C4, loot the cash and escape - before the police arrives!
  • Set cooldown between each jobs, to prevent players from grinding.Integrated cops/police alerts with blips.
  • Jobs are synced very well, works with OneSync (tested on latest recommended artifacts version (4394)).


  • ESX 1.2 and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)
  • mHacking [optional] (see README to disable / use your own)
  • ProgressBars [optional] (see README to disable / use your own)


  • The resource is fully unlocked and not obfuscated.
  • It's almost fully configurable and it's done through the config.lua file.
  • Translation is done through the language.lua file.


  • All support, issues and/or bugs is done through a dev-ticket on my Official Discord. (make sure to have your order# ready)
  • We do not offer support for custom changes. 
  • If necessary we can help with installation but it's pretty straightforward, just read the README.

Neither I, the site/store or anyone affiliated with the creation of this product condone, support, promote, encourage or incentivize these or any type of activities relation to criminal acts in real lift. This product is purely for at roleplay environment and video game-/play purposes.