T1GER: Scrapyard


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A custom and unique scrapyard / car chopping script. Fully interactive and immersive. Offers great features to enhance criminal activity roleplay but also legal activities.


  • Easily add, remove or edit scrapyards around the map.
  • Configure NPCs, positions, scenarios/animations, blips & markers etc. 
  • Scrapyard swaps after x configurable minutes, only one active at a time. 
  • Compatible with GC-Phone, to receive messages on phone instead of chat.

Car List:

  • Interact with NPC to get the generated car list. 
  • Car-list randomizes every x configurable minutes. 
  • Player must bring one of the listed cars to the scrapyard to chop it down.
  • Add vehicles to randomizer in config with pay-reward for each car. 

Chopping Cars:

  • Upon delivering a vehicle from the list, NPC will spawn, walk to car and analyze.
  • Reward is based on the health of the vehicle. 
  • Configurable options for reward, such as min/max amount, dirty cash etc.
  • Possibility to add items to reward as well, e.g. materials such as scrap_metal etc.


  • Fully functional with OneSync & synced between all players (tested).
  • Integrated feature to lockpick vehicles, use or don't. 
  • Integrated police alerts, easily change to whatever you want in utils.lua file.
  • Language is done through the language.lua file. 
  • Script is almost fully config based, edit to your liking.  


  • ESX 1.2 and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)
  • ProgressBars (link in readme, otherwise change to yours)

Script is ip-locked & encrypted, meaning you won't have access to full code. Contact T1GER#9080 on discord if you have suggestions. Upon purchase, send me DM through discord and send your server IP or open a ticket on ModIT.Store Discord.

Neither I, the site/store or anyone affiliated with the creation of this product condone, support, promote, encourage or incentivize these or any type of activities relation to criminal acts in real lift. This product is purely for a roleplay environment and video game-/play purposes.