T1GER: Delivery Job


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A custom and unique delivery job script. Offers full blown jobs, with animations, props etc. - very immersive!

Key Features:

- Players can purchase and operate their own delivery company. 
- Integrated level progression system. Doing jobs increases level and gives access to more precious cargo jobs. 
- 3 values of jobs, low - medium - high.
- Configurable options for level progression, certificate requirement, vehicles and deposit.
- Configurable options for props, routes, coords etc.
- Damage system integrated from A-B with x % of maximum damage, if exceeded the no payment for the A-B delivery.
- Configurable options for markers & blips.
- 100's of other configurable options and a lot of features!
- Tested with OneSync and works very well. 
- Language file included.  
- The video speaks for it self!

Low Value Job:

  • Lift small parcels into small van
  • Deliver them at house doors
  • Return back to the company, to get the paycheck.

Medium Value Job:

  • Lift larger parcels into a bigger transit van.
  • Deliver them at commercial buildings, such as clothing stores.
  • Return back to the company, to get the paycheck.

High Value Job:

  • Use forklift to load pallets into a truck trailer.
  • Follow the route and deliver pallets at each stop. 
  • For each stop, take out the forklift, deliver the pallet, then park it in the trailer.
  • Return back to the company, to get the paycheck.

ESX 1.2 and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)

Script is ip-locked & encrypted, meaning you won't have access to full code. Contact T1GER#9080 on discord if you have suggestions. Upon purchase, send me DM through discord and send your server IP or open a ticket on ModIT.Store Discord.