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A custom and unique shop job script. Offers full interaction & immersion when roleplaying as a shop owner or shop clerk - tons of features to play with!


Ownable Shops:

  • Players can purchase shops and operate them. 
  • 28 default shops (pawnshops, 24/7's and weaponshop) - easily add more/remove in config.
  • Configurable price, menu-pos, cash register, delivery point, types etc. for each shop.
  • Shop owner can manage employees, manage account or sell the shop. 

Employment System:

  • Integrated an employment system. 
  • Shop owner, can hire, fire and promote/derank employees. All shop employees have the "same" job in database, however owner can adjust job-grade and that means the salary.
  • Forget about adding 13 different shop jobs in database for each shop :partying_face:

Shelves & Stock System:

  • Owner has to setup shelves in his shop through the interaction menu. 
  • Owner can set shelf type, draw text and pos. 
  • Everything is nicely synced between all players and owner can add as many shelves as he wants to. 
  • Owner or hired employees can restock the shelves with items from inventory. 
  • Owner only can also order stock items to the specific shelf (REQUIRES T1GER-DELIVERYJOB).

Basket System:

  • Players walk around to the different shelves and add items to their basket.
  • If player leaves the shop basket is automatically emptied.
  • Player can remove specific item from basket or empty the whole basket through the menu.
  • After finish adding to basket, player goes up to the cash register and pays for the items.

- ESX 1.2 and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)

Script is ip-locked & encrypted, meaning you won't have access to full code. Contact T1GER#9080 on discord if you have suggestions. Upon purchase, send me DM through discord and send your server IP or open a ticket on ModIT.Store Discord.